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SAT 003: My First Online Income in


I got my first $85 in and from that day I’ve loved this platform.

When I was laid off to my corporate job, I didn’t expect it. It was November 2016 to be exact. Just days before the Christmas and New Year season.

I thought to myself that it would be hard for me if I find a job during that time. If I get hired, there’s a probability that I would not be able to spend vacation time with the family.

So I decided not to look for a corporate job and pursue online jobs instead.

Got December plans until January season, and another thing is we are having a 1 week vacation in Iloilo by February.

My target was to find for a stable online job for these 3 months and if it fails, I will start applying in corporate jobs by March 2017.

Luckily, I able to have a short-term task based which I got from

In this video, here are the “DaPaT” behaviors I earn, for me to be able to get my first online job in

I hope this would also be applicable to you.



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How I earn $85 in


3 Behavioral Tips when working online


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