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5 Important Gadgets in my Freelancing Career

For every gadget I invest, there is a deeper reason why I purchased them. These gadgets are just making me more an awesome freelancer.

I don’t purchase on gadgets most of the time, but if I would, there is a reason behind it and I make sure that these gadgets are useful and will surely be for a long-term. So here are the 5 important gadgets I invested for my freelancing career.


     Gadget #1     

Well, of course! You could not be a freelancer if you don’t have a laptop or desktop. Since I am an on-the-go freelancer, Laptop best fit for me. When I bought my laptop last July 2016, I don’t have enough money yet so my solution is to apply it for HomeCredit. I first research for my desired laptop and finally decided on this brand with the following specifications below.

Lenovo Yoga 500


What I love with this laptop is the following features below:

  • Windows 10
  • NVIDIA® GeForce®
  • 8GB DDR3L
  • 1TB HDD
  • 5th Generation Intel® CoreTM i7 processor
  • 15.6″ FHD 1920 x 1080 anti-glare
  • 360º Flip-and-Fold Design

You can see Full Specification details here in Lenovo website

Well that time, the deal is good so I went to CompLink PH in SM North Edsa, I only gave a 15k downpayment. The remaining balance will be under HomeCredit and I just schedule the payable to only 9 months where I will only pay for around 4,000 /month. Unfortunately, this brand or item is no longer available in the market but as of this writing, this gadget is still good and working for me. Still got a good deal with that.


     Gadget #2     

I can work on even without a mouse but this type of mouse is so incredible for me. Well, I was first inspired with this type of mouse with my previous supervisor in a BPO Company way back 2016. When I was checking it on the internet during 2017, I saw the latest version of it which is what I bought.

Microsoft Arc Mouse

What I love about this mouse is these features below:

  • Wireless Technology
  • You just need to lie it flat to turn it off (Not bulky when traveling)
  • Scrolling function that includes horizontal scrolling

I original bought it in Microsoft in Amazon. Until now, it’s still good and working for me. Very convenient to use. Originally the price of it is in $79.99 in the Microsoft website but I only bought it in Amazon for $59.99. It is also now available in Lazada PH for Php 5,999.

You can also view my unboxing of this item in my Facebook Page:



     Gadget #3     

It’s not part of the plan but eventually I needed one especially when talking to my local clients, presenting demos. I know, I would for sure in the future. This presenter is actually the best presenter that I have used so far.

ProLink Presenter


What I love with this presenter is:

  • Transmission range is up to 20m
  • Plug & Play
  • Optical Finger Navigation button (OFN)

The OFN is the best feature of this product. Not like other presenter that has control keys, this has a mouse-like scroll navigation and left-click function of a mouse. That’s why it’s so amazing to use because you can still use the mouse navigation and it is perfect for demos. I bought this item in Gilmore Inc. in Fishermall (5th floor) for Php 1,950 but I saw it in Lazada PH for Php 1,400 and still a good steal.


     Gadget #4     

I bought this gadget to maximize the use of my broadband internet that has 25mbps. When I am using the Wi-Fi, it would just consume from 15-20 mbps which is faster but with the workloads I have, I need to atleast maximize the 25 mbps. That’s why this gadget is useful for me. I can connect in my broadband internet with almost 23-24mbps in speed which is good enough for me.

Speedtest via Wifi: Click here

speedtest wifi

Speedtest via Cable: Click here

What I love with this RJ45 cable is:

  • Gold Plated RJ45 connector
  • 10m Flat cable (Long enough to connect in my laptop)
  • 10Gbps High Speed

I only bought it in Lazada PH for Php 670 which is a good deal and perfectly works fine.


     Gadget #5     

This gadget is so helpful for me because my laptop has only HDMI and some of my clients and other gadgets are still not HDMI, that’s why this become so handy for me. Whenever I go to client presentation, and connect my laptop, I will not worry that my laptop will not be used. I also used this connector for my 2nd screen, so I can have a dual screen when working from home.

What I love with this connector is:

  • HDMI Input and VGA Output
  • Low Price
  • Quality

I also bought this in Lazada PH for only Php 215.


Wrap It Up:

  1. Lenovo Yoga 500
  2. Microsoft Arc Mouse
  3. ProLink Presenter
  4. Cat7 RJ45 Cable
  5. HDMI-VGA Connector

All these gadgets are useful for me and might be also useful for you especially when you are a full-time freelancer like me. Investing in these gadgets are all worth it. Invest on items like these, that will maximize your productivity.


Disclaimer: Some of the links above is an affiliate link, which means that I earn a commission if you do end up purchasing the product. It’s at no extra cost to you, and if you have any questions related to that product, please let me know and I’d be happy to answer them for you.
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