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I’m here to help!

Hi there! My name is Sarah and I want to introduce myself for a minute.

I am known for being the most quiet person in class.

I deeply keep all the thoughts inside of me.

I always want to explore many things, learn from every details and thinking of sharing what I have learned.

But the struggle is real, since grade school I have this so called “stage-fright”

In high school, I even had a choice to either go out the room and get a low grade or recite to get my grade, I chose to leave the room instead because I am not really comfortable in speaking in the public.

That goes until I reach college, but for some time I am improving because I am required to get a high grade so I need to participate.

But those time will always see me, where my knees are shaking during performances.

At least, I tried and I actually passed.

After college, when I was applying for my first job, I always passed the exam but I also always failed my interview due to lack of communication.

Mostly they say, I have to improve my confidence in communication.

After several attempts on finding my first job, fate is really testing my confidence.

I became a teacher of college students for 2 years and so far I overcome that so called “stage-fright

It’s really proven as “mind over matter

That journey started to develop the person whom I want to be.

Now that I became a full-time freelancer,

I was given a chance to show and tell what I got.

This started me to showcase what I want to share,

And educate other people with what I have learned.

I remember a psychology professor in college whom taught us and said,

“Do not be afraid to share your knowledge, and if students will be brighter than you, be thankful because you have increased their knowledge and be thankful because you will also learn from them.”


And that motivates me to share what I have learned.

Why I Do What I Do

As I continue my journey in the online world, internet has revealed me many sides.

There’s a lot of opportunities, there are also a lot of opportunist.

That drives my motivation to build my own blog,

and share some valuable contents that will be helpful.

I will be your go-to “online geek tester” for the meantime,

Explore different websites, tools and online opportunities and test which one works best.

I will do my best to provide contents with value and benefit,

and mostly share what I have learned even the ups and downs that I will encounter.


As you read my blog and watch my channel, you will also learn that:

I am a member of different organization…

My Ultimate Goals in Life…

To be recognized as an MVP (Most Valuable Professional) by Microsoft in Excel.

2019 Financial Goals:

  1. Clear all my cancelled credit cards 1/2 paid
  2. Pay all my unpaid billings
  3. Pay all my personal debts
Thanks for reading this! I’d love to have you join me in this this journey.

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